The Organization

The Open Web Foundation is made up of individuals and sponsoring companies who believe that the open web is built on technologies that are created in the open by a diversity of contributors, and which free to be used and improved upon without restriction. The Foundation is working towards creating a home for community-driven specifications. Following the open source model similar to the Apache Software Foundation, the Foundation is aimed at building a lightweight framework to help communities deal with the legal requirements necessary to create successful and widely adopted specification.

Mailing Lists

The Foundation maintains a series of open mailing lists and we encourage you to join them if you're interested in getting involved and contributing. (All mailing lists will moderate your first post as a way to reduce spam.)

  • Open Web Discuss - Our "general" list which generally focuses on the overall organization
  • Open Web Advocacy - How can we advocate for the open web and provide better resources for those looking to support the technologies behind it?
  • Open Web Legal - Our Legal Committee uses this group to collaboratively draft our specification license
  • Open Web Infrastructure - Our Infrastructure Committee uses this group to keep the site up and running
  • Open Web Board - A public list used for discussions surrounding the Board of the Foundation


The Open Web Foundation has nearly one-hundred individual members and membership is free. If you're interested in becoming a member, see [should write something about membership to link to]. Membership in the Foundation is not required to participate in any of the Committees or other work that is going on.

The current members of the Foundation include:

  • Allen Tom
  • Andreas Creten
  • Andrew Turner
  • Angus Logan
  • Anthony Broad-Crawford
  • Axel Nennker
  • Ben Laurie
  • Ben Lee
  • Ben Metcalfe
  • Ben Smith
  • Ben Ward
  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Blaine Cook
  • Brad Neuberg
  • Brady Brim-DeForest
  • Brady Forrest
  • Brett Slatkin
  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Brian McCallister
  • Chris Chabot
  • Chris Messina
  • Chris Wilson
  • Christian Crumlish
  • Dan Brickley
  • Dan Morrill
  • Dan Peterson
  • Danese Cooper
  • Daniel Walmsley
  • Dare Obasanjo
  • David Recordon
  • David Rudin
  • David Storey
  • DeWitt Clinton
  • Dirk Olbertz
  • Douglas Crockford
  • Edd Dumbill
  • Franco Iacomella
  • Gabriel Wachob
  • Glenn Jones
  • Gregg Kellogg
  • Gurkan Erdogdu
  • Hamish Campbell
  • Hans Granqvist
  • Harry Halpin
  • Ian Lawrence
  • James Tauber
  • James Walker
  • Jeremiah Cohick
  • Joe Gregorio
  • John Adams
  • John Allsopp
  • John Kemp
  • John McCrea
  • John Panzer
  • Joseph Smarr
  • Jyri Engestrom
  • Karl Dubost
  • Kevin Marks
  • Lane LiaBraaten
  • Lars Hilse
  • Lawrence Rosen
  • Leah Culver
  • Leisa Fearing
  • Lindsey Simon
  • Luke Shepard
  • Marco Ripanti
  • Mark Laymon
  • Michael Malone
  • Milan Stankovic
  • Mohd Shukri ismail
  • Monica Keller
  • Mushon Zer-Aviv
  • Nat Sakimura
  • Nate Benes
  • Nathan Angell
  • Nnenna Nwakanma
  • Oshani Seneviratne
  • Ozgur Cem Sen
  • Patrick Chanezon
  • Peter Keane
  • Peter Mika
  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Puneet Kishor
  • Rob Dolin
  • Rohit Khare
  • Roy T. Fielding
  • Sam Pullara
  • Scott Kveton
  • Scott Wilson
  • Seth Fitzsimmons
  • Sridhar Gutam
  • Stephan Wenger
  • Steve Repetti
  • Sylvain Carle
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Terrell Russell
  • Thomas Huhn
  • Tim Burks
  • Tim Schulz
  • Tom Brown
  • Vid Ayer
  • Will Norris


Every year the Membership elects a Board of Directors to oversee the mechanics of running the Foundation. The most recent election was held in August of 2008. The current Board is:

  • Brady Brim-DeForest
  • Chris Messina
  • David Recordon
  • David Rudin
  • DeWitt Clinton
  • Gabe Wachob
  • Lawrence Rosen
  • Tantek Çelik

Past Directors include:

  • Ben Laurie
  • Scott Kveton
  • Eran Hammer-Lahav


The Foundation maintains a copy of our records online which are managed by the Board's secretary.

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