Draft Agreements

The OWF Legal Drafting Committee is pleased to announce the publication of the set of OWF v1.0 agreements for public review.  The public review period will close October 1st.  At that point, the Drafting Committee will consider and respond to all comments, and will refer a final version of the agreements to the OWF Board of Directors for final approval. 

 This set of agreements includes the following documents:

Please submit any comments you have to open-web-legal@googlegroups.com, add your comment below, or email the chairs at the addresses listed below.

For background, the CLAs apply only to your specific contributions to a specification while the specification is being developed.  The CLAs provides a license to your contributions so that other contributors freely can include your contributions – and elaborate on them – in the community effort to develop the specification. It establishes terms and conditions for receiving and using written contributions to a functional specification. It also prepares the way for participants to sign the OWFa for the “final” specification.  The OWFa applies to functional specifications after they reach a final state and are published, and the grants in the OWFa agreements cover the entire specification, regardless of who made the underlying contributions.

If you wish to learn more about the work of the OWF Legal Drafting, send email to either of the committee co-chairs listed below.


Lawrence Rosen (lrosen@rosenlaw.com)

David Rudin (davidrud@microsoft.com)


Open Web Foundation Legal Committee Co-Chairs