OWFa and CLA 1.0 Agreements Published

Post date: Mar 30, 2011 10:43:48 PM

The Open Web Foundation is pleased to announce publication of the final version 1.0 of two Contributor License Agreements (CLA) and two Final Specification Agreements (OWFa). The OWFa is a model agreement designed to be used by a wide range of specification communities and organizations. To date, OWF agreements have been used by Esri, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and others.

The OWFa and CLA establish copyright and patent rights for a specification, ensuring that downstream consumers may freely implement and reuse the licensed specification without seeking further permission. In addition to the agreement itself, we also created an easy-to-read FAQ that provides a high level overview of the agreement. To use the Agreement with your own specification, please see our FAQ.

The Open Web Foundation is open to everyone without charge and we actively solicit feedback and participation from the community at large, whether or not they are Open Web Foundation members. The Legal Affairs Committee is open for self-nominations for participation in the drafting and review process itself, and interested individuals are encouraged to join the Open Web Foundation general discussion list to offer input and support.