Some Users of OWF Agreements


Specifications using the OWFa 1.0 agreements (canonicalized alphabetical)

Specifications using the OWFa 0.9 agreements (canonicalized alphabetical)


Organizations using an Open Web Foundation agreement (with respective specifications they've contributed to)

  • Agrari (DMARC)


  • Bank of America (DMARC)

    • CANARIE ( Simple Cloud Identity Management)

  • Cisco (Simple Cloud Identity Management)

  • Citizen Agency (Activity Streams)

  • Cloudmark (DMARC)

  • eCert (DMARC)

  • Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) (GeoServices REST Specification)

  • Facebook (450W Power Supply Hardware v1.0, AMD Mothoboard Hardware v1.0, Battery Cabinet Hardware v1.0, Data Center v1.0, Intel Motherboard Hardware v1.0, OAuth WRAP, Open Graph Protocol, Server Chassis and Triplet Hardware v1.0, DMARC)

    • Google (OAuth WRAP, PubHubSubBub, Salmon, Activity Streams, DMARC)

    • IBM (Activity Streams)

    • LinkedIn (DMARC)

    • Microsoft (OAuth WRAP, SWT, Open Service Format Specification, Web Slice Format Specification version 0.9, XML Search Suggestions Format Specification as of 11/11/2009, DMARC, Typescript)

    • Mozilla (Activity Streams)

    • PayPal (DMARC)

    • Pebble Learning (Leap2A)

    • PingIdentity (Simple Cloud Identity Management: Core Schema 1.0 Draft)

  • ReturnPath (DMARC)

  • SafeMashups Inc. (MashSSL Core Specification 1.2.0 open)

    • (Simple Cloud Identity Management: Core Schema 1.0 Draft)

    • StatusNet Inc.(Activity Streams, OStatus)

    • TrueDomain (DMARC)

    • TrustedDomain (DMARC)

    • Unbound ID ( Simple Cloud Identity Management)

    • University of Bolton (Leap2A)

    • VMWare (Activity Streams)

    • Yahoo! (OAuth WRAP, Media RSS, DMARC)