The OWF 0.9 Agreements - Necessary Claims

The Open Web Foundation currently provides two 0.9 agreements for specification development purposes, a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and the Open Web Foundation Agreement (OWFa).

Contributor License Agreement — Contribution Copyright Grant

The Open Web Foundation Contributor License Agreement (“CLA 0.9”) – Contribution Copyright Grant is intended to apply during the development phase of a specification project. The purpose of the CLA 0.9 is to define the copyright grant, as well as warranty disclaimers and other legal terms, that apply to contributions to a project, so that all participants are free to create and publish copies and derivative works of those contributions.

Projects should require contributors to sign this CLA 0.9 before accepting contributions from those contributing companies or individuals.

Note that there are no patent grants in this CLA 0.9.

    • Deed. The human readable deed that describes the CLA 0.9.

    • CLA 0.9. The legal agreement.

    • CLA FAQ.

Open Web Foundation Agreement

The Open Web Foundation Agreement (“OWFa 0.9”) is designed to be applied to specifications that are either considered ready for deployment or are already currently in use. OWFa 0.9 contains both copyright and patent grants to allow anyone to make, use and sell implementations of the specification.

The OWFa 0.9 agreement may be applied to specifications regardless of the development model for the specifications. For example, OWFa 0.9 may be used with community developed specifications, specifications independently developed by an individual or corporation, or specifications developed by a standards body.

    • Deed. The human readable deed that describes the OWFa 0.9.

    • OWFa 0.9. The legal agreement.

    • How To. How to use the OWFa.